What makes us Different?

R & S Water Service is a family owned and operated water treatment company.

We have 32 years experience in manufacturing, design, installation, and service of water treatment equipment. Imagine taking the best products on the market today and developing a system that far exceeds your expectations.  That is what R&S Water Service has done for you.  

We are not a National Brand company.  So why does that make a difference?  Well we will tell you.  

1) Most of your national brands like Culligan*, Rainsoft* ,Rayne*, and Ionics* use proprietary components on their equipment.  Not that there systems do not work for a while, but when it comes time to have them serviced only that company can help you.  Hence higher maintenance and repair costs. 

2) National Brand representation requires the dealer to sell a certain amount every year to stay with them.  This is why you will sometimes get a pushy salesman instead of a Water Treatment Professional. 

3) When you do have a problem you may get a different technician every time.  

R&S Water Service represents some of the top name brands in the business such as Clack*, Fleck*, GE Autotrol*, Pentair Water*, and many others.  These are the same companies that build the proprietary systems for the National Brands.  However, the parts are more accessible to any Licensed Water Treatment Professional.   This translates into savings for you the customer.  

R&S will service most major brands on the market besides the proprietary units as mentioned above. However,  we are capable of some minor repairs, filter replacements, and in most cases can convert your existing proprietary unit to a more user friendly system for a little more than you would pay for service.  

National Brands typically pay commissioned sales people.  They have to keep larger inventories to remain a dealer.  This again translates into higher costs to you the consumer.  

We are not a cookie cutter water equipment provider.  All of our systems are built to the specifications required for each of our individual needs.  

R&S Water Service is licensed, insured, and educated water treatment professionals.  We have no high pressure sales tactics.  We prescribe only the proper equipment for each location.  

Our policy " If we can not do it right we will not do it. !!"  , and "If we do it, we will keep it right.!!". A company once said "An educated consumer is our best customer."  Let us educate you and help you make a positive decision for better water.  Every customer is our first customer, every time.  

Everyone knows what it is like to deal with a big company.  We will answer our phones or return our messages each and every day.  We will offer "You", the consumer the most reasonable market price available.      Satisfied customers provide more satisfied customers.  So let R&S Water Service satisfy your water treatment needs.  

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